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[[Patty continues her story about her break up with Mike/Mark, concentrating on her bachelorette party. Sequestered in a booth at their favorite bar, Patty's friends Alexis and Ji-hyun are probing her on her biggest "pet peeve" about Mark, in an effort to make sure she isn't rushing into marriage without thinking things all the way through.]]
Patty: Well... if I HAD to pick something... he tends to write obtuse, obscure code and NEVER comments it. It's like deciphering some arcane manuscript.
Jessica: [Confused] I... don't get it.

Ji-hyun: [Condescendingly] Nerd stuff, Miss Secretary. You won't understand.
[[Jessica looks wounded.]]
Alexis: [Mischievously] Forget the geek notes. Let's get personal. What about that nasty beard of his?

Patty: [Flatly] It's not so bad, really. He keeps it clean and trim.
Jessica: [Smiling sympathetically] You should have seen him back in college when he had a full-on porn 'stache. The goatee suits him better.

Alexis: [Continuing to probe] Pats, you ain't digging deep enough. C'mon! Give us one thing he does that really sticks in your craw!
Patty: [Uneasily] Well... I guess there IS one thing...

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