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[[Patty continues her account of her bachelorette party. Her old friend Alexis has pestered her repeatedly to reveal her biggest "pet peeve" with Mike, her fiance. Reluctantly, Patty answers...]]
Patty: Mark can be a bit of a paradox sometimes. Most of the time, he tends to be rather laid back and jovial, but there are some things he gets deadly serious about.

Patty: For example, he has a rather... hypocritical sense of humor. He can be quite witty and sharp when he wants to be. He's also not above pulling the occasional prank or two.

Patty: But while he can dish it out, he's not very gracious at being on the receiving end.
Jessica: You're right. He can make April Fools' Day a blast or miserable, depending on the hour.

Patty: There are also things that he sees as "serious business" for which there's no leeway or compromise. There aren't many of those topics, but heaven forbid you ever defile them.

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