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[[Patty continues her account of her bachelorette party, where she has just confessed that her fiance Mike can be quite the prankster, but he has a tendency to take some subjects too seriously.]]
Alexis: [Drolly] Sounds like your man just needs to lighten up.
Ji-hyun: Or at least pick a side. If you half your cake, you can eat two.

Alexis: [Annoyed, to Ji-hyun] That's not how the idiom works, Ji...
Jessica: [To Patty] Whats one of those topics he's so religious about? I can't think of anything he's said to me that fits your description.

Patty: Lately, it's been Linux. That's a computer operating system. It's free, both in that it doesn't cost money and that you get the source code so you can see what it does.

Patty: It's relatively new; it's only been out a few years. But some people have a fanatical devotion to it, and I'm starting to think Mark is becoming one of them.

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