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[[Patty continues her account of her bachelorette party. After much prodding from her friend Alexis, Patty has finally revealed that her fiance Mike is a hypocritical prankster, and that he's started to lean toward Linux fanaticism.]]
Alexis: He's not becoming one of those "free software" nuts, is he?
Patty: [Mildly annoyed] There are advantages to both free and proprietary software. I think there's a place for both in the industry.

Patty: And Mark's written more than his share of proprietary code. Lately, though, he's been contributing to "Open Source" projects and it's swaying his opinions.

Alexis: I still say the guy needs a dose of his own medicine. Linux nut or not, you can't be a prankster if you can't take a prank yourself. It's unsportsmanlike.

Alexis: [With a mischievous smile] Now, what I would do is figure out which of those Linux "distros" he loves and which one he hates, then install the "bad" one on his box and see what he does. That'd be a hoot!
[[Ji-hyun seems to revel in Alexis' suggestion, while Jessica gives Patty an uncertain glance. For her part, Patty looks away, struggling with how to feel about the conversation.]]

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