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[[Patty continues her account of how she broke up with Mike. As her flashback continues, we see her younger self opening a door to an apartment, standing in silhouette in the doorway.]]
Patty: Coincidentally, Mark's bachelor party was the same night as mine. I had no idea where his best man had taken him, but I knew he wouldn't be home for hours.

Patty: I used my key to let myself into his apartment. Carrying with me a purse full of floppy disks, I booted his computer, typed in his root password, and set to work.
[[We see Patty sitting before an old CRT monitor with a 3.5" floppy in hand, staring at the screen in grim determination.]]

[[We return to the present. Trish is still kneeling beside Patty, who sits in the floor of the observation lounge on the Grey ship.]]
Trish: Oh, P-Patty... t-tell m-me you d-didn't install a d-different f-flavor of L-Linux on his m-machine...
Patty: [Guiltily] Oh, no, Trish. I did something worse... MUCH worse...

[[Our view pulls back, and we see the two women sitting in the floor with Dexter sitting next to them.]]
Patty: I installed Windows.
[[Dex and Trish appear shocked.]]

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