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[[Patty has just revealed to Trish and Dexter exactly what she did to earn Mark's ire.]]
Trish: [Angrily] M-Mike c-called off th-the w-wedding just b-because you i-installed W-Windows on his c-computer? Th-that's so p-petty!
Dexter: [Apologetically] Uh, no... it gets worse...
Trish: [Toward Dexter] D-Dex!

Patty: No, Dex is right. It IS worse, because I didn't just blow away his Linux install. I... didn't have a lot of experience with Linux back then, so I didn't know what all that entailed.

Patty: I didn't realize that the file system was different, and that it would require a full format of the hard drive. So when I installed Windows, I wiped the drive and everything one it.

Patty: I didn't know it at the time, but Mark was working on a new, private project he was hoping to package and sell, and he was notoriously bad at keeping backups...
[[Trish and Dexter exchange glances. Dexter cringes.]]

References: Just a note for those of you who might be screaming "But what about dual-booting?" Yes, I know about multi-booting. I've used it as a punchline a couple times. But keep in mind that Mike/Mark was a Linux fanatic, so he likely jumped in with both feet. As such, he was less likely to keep a DOS/Windows partition around if he felt it to be irrelevant or unnecessary. It also means he'd be unlikely to choose an "inferior" FAT or NTFS file system over a "superior" Linux one, necessitating a hard format of the drive. As for Patty's inexperience and Mark's failure to keep backups... well, nobody's perfect.
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