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[[Patty continues her discussion with Dexter and Trish about how she broke up with Mark.]]
Dexter: What was this project Mike was working on?
Patty: I don't remember anymore. It was a big deal, though. I didn't find out until after the fact, but he had potential investors lined up.

Patty: He had talked vaguely about starting his own software company, but I thought it was some pie-in-the-sky long term plan. I didn't realize he had actual code written yet.

Patty: I think he was waiting to tell me about it after the wedding, like it was some sort of surprise. And I destroyed it all in a few petty, vindictive keystrokes.
[[Trish and Dexter exchange an uncertain glance.]]

Trish: [Annoyed] I-if y-you ask m-me, h-he d-deserves s-some of th-the b-blame for n-not k-keeping any b-backups...
Patty: True, but he wouldn't have needed them if I hadn't interfered...

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