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[[Patty continues her story of how she broke up with Mike. We return to a flashback to the past, which she narrates.]]
Patty: Needless to say, Mark was furious. His neighbors said he shouted and threw things for a good solid hour when he first discovered what I did.
[[We see a view of the hallway outside Mike's apartment. A couple walks down the hall, startled by the sound of him ranting and raving through his open doorway.]]

Patty: When the full severity of my actions finally dawned on me, I tried to apologize. I pointed out that I didn't know the value of what I erased because he never told me about it.
[[It is sometime later. Patty is in Mark's apartment. She pleads with him to forgive her, but he doesn't seem very receptive.]]

Patty: But it was too late. He was betting on his work to secure our future, and he was planning on quitting his day job after the honeymoon to devote his full attention to it.
[[Mike holds up a stack of paper, crumpling some in the process. We cannot see what they are, but he brandishes them as if they were evidence. He scowls.]]

Patty: I begged him to forgive me, but he refused. When I pointed out that the wedding was the next day, he told me not to bother showing up.
[[Mark storms away, leaving Patty sullen and miserable.]]

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