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[[Patty continues her tale of how she and Mike broke up. Now that she has revealed her terrible secret, it is time to hear the ramifications.]]
Patty: On our wedding day, I stood there at the altar for hours, waiting. Neither Mark nor his parents ever showed.
[[We see a flashback to Patty's wedding day. She stands at the altar, in silhouette before a large stained glass window. She is alone. There are rows of pews behind her, all empty.]]

Patty: I spent the next several days desperately trying to contact him, but he kept refusing to talk to me. None of his friends would have anything to do with me.
[[Patty attempts to talk to two men, presumably Mike's friends. One man appears sympathetic, while the other glares at her angrily. They both are turning to leave.]]

Patty: Jess was just as furious with me for hurting Mark, and blamed Alex for goading me into it. Ji took Alex's side. Before I knew it, my entire social circle fell apart.
[[Patty watches helplessly as her friends Jessica and Alexis engage in a heated argument. Ji-hyun stands by Alexis and glares at Jessica.]]

Patty: After a couple months, I couldn't stand the isolation anymore. I quit my job, packed up my apartment, and moved, hoping to start a new life somewhere else.
[[We see Patty alone in her apartment, carrying a box marked "Living Room". There are other boxes piled in large stacks, presumably all of her belongings. As she walks toward the door, she looks forlorn.]]

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