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[[Patty finishes up her story of how she and Mike broke up. We return to the present and to the observation lounge on the Grey ship. Patty, Trish, and Dexter are still sitting in the floor of the lounge.]]
Patty: [Forlornly] I got hired by a contracting firm not long after that and bounced from job to job for a while. That's how I wound up at Regional Telecom and running into Fooker.

Trish: D-did you ever t-try to r-reconcile w-with M-Mark?
Patty: A few times, but he never responded. I eventually lost track of him. I assumed that was for the best.

Dexter: [Angrily] If you ask me, now that I understand the context, he's just as much at fault for what happened as you were. He shouldn't have kept his future plans a secret.

Trish: [Sharing Dex's anger] Y-yeah! Y-you w-were his f-fiancee! Th-this w-was y-your f-future he was g-gambling with! W-why d-did he k-keep it f-from you? W-what w-was he hiding?
[[Patty looks between the two of them in disbelief.]]

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