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[[When Trish and Dexter react angrily to Patty's story about her breakup with Mike/Mark, Patty goes on the defensive.]]
Patty: Who says he was hiding anything? He was planning for our future! It was MEANT to be a surprise! It's not like he was cheating on me!

Dexter: No, but starting a business isn't something you decide to do on a whim. It takes time, planning, and capital. That money is hard to come by for a pair of newlyweds.

Trish: Y-you m-may have b-both had d-decent j-jobs and g-good pay, but y-you w-were still j-just s-starting out, and h-he w-was j-just going to s-spring that on y-you!

Patty: [Angrily] What do you two think you're doing? You're blaming HIM for keeping that secret? I'M the one at fault here! I'M the one who screwed everything up!

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