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[[After Trish and Dexter come to Patty's defense, Patty balks, continuing to blame herself for her breakup with Mike.]]
Patty: [Angrily] Why are you two defending me? Are you BLIND? I'M the one to blame here! I destroyed all his files and future plans!

Dexter: We're not absolving you of guilt here, Patty. You're right. You destroyed his files, which was pretty bad. But if you ask us, there's plenty of blame to go around.

Dexter: Mark was hiding things from you, IMPORTANT things a married couple shouldn't keep secrets about. Sure, his intentions were good, but what ELSE could he have hidden?
[Patty seems confused.]

Trish: [Angrily] A-and H-HE'S th-the one who h-had th-the hair t-trigger. Y-yes, w-what you d-did w-was b-bad, but he c-couldn't F-FORGIVE y-you? Th-that d-doesn't s-sound l-like l-love to m-me.
[[Dexter and Trish's words slowly begin to sink in and Patty's expression softens.]]

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