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[[As they rise to their feet, Dexter and Trish continue to admonish Patty and reassure her that the collapse of her wedding wasn't entirely her fault.]]
Dexter: You've been so caught up all these years in blaming yourself, you haven't stepped back and analyzed it rationally. It was a mistake. EVERYONE makes mistakes.

[[Trish wraps her arms around Patty from behind, hugging her tightly.]]
Trish: W-we're your f-friends. W-we KN-KNOW you w-wouldn't do s-something like th-that out of m-malice. If H-HE c-can't s-see that, th-then that's H-HIS fault, n-not yours.

[[Dexter steps toward to the women with his arms outstretched, ready to embrace both of them. He smiles warmly.]]
Dexter: HE may not forgive you, but WE do, and we want YOU to forgive yourself. Don't let the past poison your future, Patty. There are plenty of people who love you just the way you are.

[[Our view pulls back and we see Dex holding both Trish and Patty in a huge bear hug. Trish beams, while Patty is barely visible, smooshed between them.]]
Trish: W-what d-do you have to s-say to TH-THAT?
Patty: [Barely audible] My camf breef.

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