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[[Dexter and Trish release Patty from their suffocating embrace. Emotionally drained from her confession and the affirmation of her friends, Patty exhaustedly relents.]]
Patty: I... guess you two are right. I've beaten myself up over this for so many years, I've lost all objectivity. It wasn't the trees blocking the forest; it's a single lousy pine cone.

Patty: And I've let that poison ALL my relationships since, especially you two. All you've ever wanted was to be my friends.
Dexter: [Smiling] We ARE your friends, and friends forgive.

Trish: [Smiling] A-and th-there's n-no better t-time to s-start than th-the p-present!
[[Patty cracks a weak smile of her own. Suddenly an off-panel voice calls from the doorway, attracting Dexter's attention.]]
Voice: I hate to interrupt anything important...

[[The three of them turn to find Fooker and Mike standing in the doorway. Mark looks uncomfortably toward Patty, who returns the awkward glance.]]
Fooker: But I think the three of us should skedaddle so these two can have a little talk.

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