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[[After Fooker arrives with his old buddy Mike, implying that he and Patty need to "have a little talk", Dexter and Trish turn to Patty to verify that the gesture is acceptable.]]
Trish: W-will y-you b-be OK?
Patty: Probably not, but go ahead. This is something I have to do myself.

[[Dexter and Trish head toward the exit. As they pass Mark, they both give him a rather disapproving look. Mark is slightly taken aback by their irritation.]]

[[As Dexter and Trish leave with Fooker into the background, Mike turns toward Patty. He gestures with his thumb back toward Dexter.]]
Mike: Your big friend there... he's quite intimidating.
Patty: Who, Dex? He's a great big teddy bear. But he can turn into a grizzly when he has to.

Mark: [Sheepishly, avoiding Patty's gaze] Not sure what I did to rub his fur the wrong way, but somehow I get the feeling I deserve it...
[[Patty cocks a curious eyebrow.]]

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