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[[After Fooker, Dexter, and Trish leave, Patty and Mike are left alone in the observation lounge. They stand several feet apart, facing each other.]]
Mark: So... you're putting your hair up now...
Patty: [With a vicious smile] You've put on weight.
Mark: [Returning the smile] Guess I have...

Mike: [Looking away] I... suppose I should apologize for earlier. Not exactly the nicest way to greet someone you haven't seen in years...
Patty: [Turning uncomfortable] I figured I deserved it, considering how we left things.

Mark: [Looking back] About that... I'm guessing your friends had a long heart-to-heart with you, like the one Jason just had with me...?
Patty: [With resignation] Time to air the dirty laundry, I suppose...

Mike: [Smiling apologetically] True enough. Seems like I have a lot MORE to apologize for, starting with how I treated you back then. I was wrong. I overreacted, and I'm sorry, if you'll ever forgive me.

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