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[[After years of avoiding each other, Patty and her ex-fiance Mark are finally speaking. He has just apologized for overreacting to her "transgression" years ago.]]
Patty: [Emphatically] No, I was wrong. I'M the one who screwed everything up...
Mark: [Cringing] Oh, geez... you're still blaming yourself after all this time? I hoped your friends would have fixed that.

Mike: Then again, it took Jason clubbing me with a clue bat to own up to MY faults. I hid things from you. I made plans affecting our future without including you. I was a total jerk.

[[He continues, but our focus is on Patty, who seems sympathetic.]]
Mark: Not sure if she ever told you, but Jess gave me a royal dressing down about it too, only I was too mad at you to see my own faults. She never forgave me for how I treated you.

Mike: [With a weak smile] So I guess we ALL screwed up back then. What a bunch of losers we were. But I'm more than willing to forgive you for YOUR part, if you'll finally forgive ME for mine.
[[Patty continues to stare at him in sympathetic silence.]]

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