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[[Mike has now apologized twice for his past mistakes, leaving the ball in Patty's court.]]
Patty: I've blamed myself for everything for so long, it's been hard looking past it. I was stupid and impulsive. I acted without thinking, and without considering the consequences.

Patty: But Dex and Trish helped me realize I've been beating myself up over nothing. I've been so focused on my own sins that I've ignored everything else that went wrong.

Patty: [More sternly] You were wrong to exclude me from your business plan. That was a major decision we should have made together. And I hope to God you've learned your lesson about backups.
[[Mark grins sheepishly.]]

Patty: [Softening and smiling] But what's past is past, and we can't change it. We can only move forward. So I'll accept your apology if you'll accept mine. Then we can finally move on.
[[Mike smiles appreciatively back.]]

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