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[[After Mark and Patty finally exchange apologies and forgiveness for years of misunderstanding, Mark turns surprisingly chipper.]]
Mark: If it helps, wiping that hard drive was probably the best thing that could have ever happened.
Patty: [Suspiciously] I'm... not sure I follow you.

Mike: [Forlornly] Turns out my "novel idea" wasn't so novel. Some big company patented that tech about a month earlier. They could have sued me out of existence if I had followed my original plan.

Mark: But... I managed to get a job with them, and within a year I was leading their Open Source projects. Even contributed some major enhancements to their source.

Mike: [Hopefully] I'm on a management track now, leading an I.T. team. That's how I met Helen. We have two kids now, both sharp as tacks. I hope you'll get to meet them someday.
[[Upon hearing the news that Mike is now married with two kids, Patty appears crestfallen.]]

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