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[[As Mike and Patty continue their reconciliation, Mike has just revealed that he has a wife and two kids waiting for him back on the missing Earth. As he continues, Patty looks mildly disappointed.]]
Mike: [Sadly] Losing my family when the Earth vanished... that was hard. I retreated in on myself in self pity. If you and Jason hadn't shown up at my door, I'd still be moping there.

Mark: [Growing more determined] But now I want to help. I met your friends and they're so enthusiastic and optimistic. And Jas told me everything you've done to help out. I feel like a heel for waiting this long.

Patty: [Solemnly] To be honest, if you had volunteered earlier, I would have retreated myself. You're not the only one who needed some clue bat clubbing today.

Patty: [Smiling and placing a hand on his shoulder] So I'll promise you this. I swear you'll see your wife and kids again, and I'll do everything in my power to make that happen. And if we work together, our chances can only improve.
[[He gives her a grateful smile in return.]]

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