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[[Having finally reconciled, Patty and Mark exit the observation lounge side by side in better spirits. Both are smiling.]]
Mark: I find it hilarious that, purely by chance, we both ended up working at GPF. Does Dwayne still panic when he thinks you'll miss a deadline?
Patty: Only always.

Patty: [Turning sad] I hate that he's stuck on Earth. We could really use his leadership skills here...
Mike: You're doing fine. I think he'd be proud of everything you've accomplished so far.

Mark: [Slyly] So... that "Dex" guy... you called him a "big teddy bear". Sounds like you're all warm and fuzzy for him...
Patty: It's... complicated. That girl Trish made sure of that.

Mike: And yet you call them both your friends. I'm sure you three will work something out, and I hope it works in your favor.
Patty: [Smiling] Are you giving me your blessing?

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