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[[Sharon, Chris, and Pi are busy in the MUTEX chamber, preparing for the day's search missions. Pi is fiddling with a data tablet, while Chris appears to be moving a box. Sharon looks at another tablet and smiles.]]
Sharon: Looks like we've got a busy mission roster today. Nick wasn't kidding about stepping things up...

[[Chris walks up to Sharon and peeks over her shoulder at the tablet.]]
Chris: Who are we working with today? I don't recognize these names.
Sharon: A couple of new recruits. Mike is Patty's ex. The other guy is supposedly his roommate.

Chris: [Brightening] Does this mean I've graduated to being a "veteran"? Do I get to haze the "newbies"?
Sharon: [Giving her a disapproving look, but smiling to temper it] No hazing, Chris...
Voice: [Off-panel] Sorry we're late...

[[Sharon and Chris turn to see two men walk through the door. One is Patty's old fiance, Mark/Mike, while the other is an older gentleman. He is tall, thin, and somewhat gaunt, with graying hair that is balding on top and a thick push-broom mustache. He also sports thick, opaque glasses.]]
Sharon: It's OK, Mike. We just got here ourselves.
Mike: Great! May I introduce my roomie, Vincent Gladstone.
Vincent: [Waving] Morning, ladies...

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