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[[Mike/Mark has just introduced Vincent Gladstone, his roommate aboard the Grey ship, to Sharon and Chris.]]
Vincent: Forgive my tardiness to the search effort. Like Michael, I'm afraid I was lost, commiserating in my own misfortunes. Fortunately, he convinced me to help out.

Sharon: Well, we're certainly glad to have you. I'm Sharon, and this is Chris. We'll walk you through your first missions. You DID review your initiation packet, I assume...?

Mike: [Sheepishly] We did, but it raised more questions than it answered.
Sharon: That's par for the course. Don't worry, though. You'll get the hang of things soon enough.

[[Vincent takes Sharon's hand gallantly and holds it up as if he's about to kiss it.]]
Vincent: With such lovely young guides, our education will be most enjoyable.
[[Sharon seems slightly taken aback by the unexpected gesture. Chris puts her hand on Sharon's shoulder and leans in behind her.]]
Chris: [Smiling slyly] Just so you know, she's married and I'm gay, but the flattery is still appreciated.

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