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[[Sharon, Chris, Mike/Mark, and Vincent Gladstone are off on their first set of missions. Each panel of this strip has them land in a different universe, and between each panel is the MUTEX's characteristic ZWORM sound effect. In the first panel, they appear to be in a Victorian setting. Sharon, who is holding Nick's scanning device, is dressed as a high-class woman in a corseted dress and hat, while Chris is wearing a simpler, lower-class dress. Both Mike and Vincent are dressed like Victorian gentlemen in high-collar shirts, coats, and ties. Mike sports a top hat and mutton-chop sideburns, while Vincent has a handlebar mustache and a monocle.]]
Sharon: [Looking at the scanner] The scanner compares the frequency of the target universe to our own. That way we'll know when we find the "correct" Earth.

[[The quartet jumps to the next universe, where they appear to be giant, single-celled organisms. Sharon is a Paramecium, while Vincent is a generic amoeba. Mike is a cylindrical sell with a long flagellum, while Chris is round and globular. Mike and Vincent still somehow sport their glasses, while the scanner floats aimlessly nearby since none of them have hands.]]
Chris: So we don't have to stay long; just long enough to see if this indicator turns green.
Vincent: Ah, I see.

[[They jump to the next universe, where they all appear to be life-like, identical ants, although they are all standing upright on their hind legs. Sharon-Ant is now holding the scanner again.]]
Vincent-Ant: One question, however: if the Earth is supposedly frozen in time, would we not become frozen as well the instant we landed?

[[In the next jump, they all appear to be cartoony horses, drawn in a style very similar to "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Everyone's manes roughly resemble their hair in their human forms. While we can't see Mike or Chris very well, Sharon and Vincent sport "cutie marks" on their back hips. Sharon's looks like the Apple logo, while Vincent's is a question mark.]]
Sharon: [Cringing] Um... I don't know if anyone's thought of that...

References: Nick's scanner; Frozen in time: (1) (2)
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