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[[The "away party" has returned to the "prime" universe. All are sweating and out of breath. Chris clutches onto Mike/Mark for support, while Sharon slumps against a nearby counter. Vincent is doubled over, hands on his knees, panting.]]
Vincent: Well, THAT was certainly invigorating...
Mike: Gotta admit, it's not every day you're chased by a 50ft-tall man-eating chicken...

Sharon: [Smiling sympathetically] Fortunately, that was the last universe on our mission set this morning. I need to set up for the next team, but since we're done a little early, you guys can go take a break.

Mike: [Grumpily] I could use a bite to eat after that run. I wish the galley served revenge fried chicken.
Chris: [Smiling] I'm a bit nibbly myself. Mind if I join you? I could go for a few cubes right now...

[[As Mike and Chris head for the door, Vincent holds back.]]
Mike: Hey, Vincent! You coming?
Vincent: [Turning serious] You two go ahead. There is something I wish to clarify...
[[He turns toward Sharon, who is in the background preparing for the next mission group.]]

References: Food cubes
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