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[[Vincent has just confessed that Sharon reminds him of his estranged daughter, who is still trapped on the missing Earth. Sharon puts a reassuring hand on his shoulder and gives him a friendly smile.]]
Sharon: We're all looking forward to seeing someone when we get the Earth back. I'm sure your daughter will be excited to see you.
Vincent: [Unconvinced] We shall see...

[[Vincent looks off-panel, over Sharon's shoulder. He seems startled at what he sees.]]
Vincent: Oh my... er, do pardon me, b-but I'm afraid I must be going. I do hope we get to work together again soon...

[[Sharon watches in confusion as Vincent quickly exits.]]

[[Sharon turns around to check out the opposite door. Trudy and Dexter stand there, apparently in the middle of their own conversation. Trudy looks angry, while Dex looks apologetic.]]

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