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[[After Vincent's hasty exit, Sharon turns to Trudy and Dexter, who are in the middle of an argument at the other entrance to the MUTEX chamber.]]
Trudy: And another thing: watch where you're walking next time. We don't want a repeat of the noodle cube incident.
Dexter: Sheesh, Trudy. I SAID I was sorry.

[[Sharon approaches Trudy as Dexter walks away.]]
Sharon: [Irritated] You're being rather hard on Dex this morning...
Trudy: [Looking over her shoulder, annoyed] He deserves it, if you ask me. When you've got THAT much weight to throw around, you ought to mind your surroundings.

Sharon: You should talk. You've been irritable ever since that clone universe incident.
Trudy: [Backing off] OK, sorry. I'll apologize to the big lug later. Who was that leaving just now?

Sharon: [Turning back to the other entrance and turning sad] He's another new volunteer. He just told me a sad story about how I remind him of his estranged daughter...
Trudy: [Rolling her eyes] Everyone has a sob story...

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