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[[Sharon's "walk to clear her head" has led her down to the ship's "brig". As she walks past one cell, we see Victor Brown, reclining on his bed while reading a data tablet. He looks up as Sharon passes, giving her a curious look.]]

[[Sharon walks up to the cell that holds her mother, Esther Matusevitch. She too is reading from a tablet and looks up as Sharon approaches.]]
Esther: [Sarcastically] Well, if it isn't my baby girl. Not that I've seen much of you lately. You never call, you never write... haven't had a visit from you in weeks...

Esther: Which is more than I can say for your sister, at least. She hasn't bothered to show her face once...
Sharon: [Irritated] Mother, please. I'm here to discuss something important.

Sharon: I understand the two of you never got along, but I need honest answers. I want to know everything about my father, especially how and when he died.
[[Esther's expression softens.]]

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