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[[As Sharon stands outside her mother's cell, Esther Matusevitch begins telling her about her father.]]
Esther: Your father was my biggest mistake. Your sister and you came in second and third. He taught me that love is a weakness you should never allow yourself.

Esther: I THOUGHT he was a no-good, lazy, hippie drifter who sucked money like a vampire... up until the day I learned he'd been an FBI mole for twenty years just to spy on me.

Sharon: [Sternly] Colonel Barker said YOU had him killed.
Esther: And you believe that lying %@$@%#? HE'S the one who put an end to Victor. While tailing me he got too close to Lionel's schemes.

Sharon: And why should I believe you?
Esther: Lionel has everything to gain by driving wedges into our fractured family. I, on the other hand, have already lost everything. YOU decide.

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