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[[Our focus shifts back to the MUTEX chamber, where Dexter and Trudy are just finishing up a mission with a couple of new recruits. As they remove their helmets, the recruits turn to Dexter as he starts talking. Trudy, meanwhile, is a bit blase about the whole affair.]]
Dexter: That was a productive mission set! We collected a ton of useful data! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

[[As the recruits turn to Dexter with their queries, Trudy begins walking away. She appears mildly annoyed.]]

[[As she approaches the doorway, we peer over her shoulder. She stops suddenly as Vincent walks by outside. Their eyes meet. Vincent appears surprised.]]

[[Our view shifts to the opposite direction. Vincent hurriedly walks away in the foreground as Trudy steps up to the doorway. She scrutinizes the retreating figure suspiciously.]]

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