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[[As Vincent steps out of the shadows, Trudy puts her hands on her hips and assumes a rather stern posture.]]
Trudy: Who ARE you?
Vincent: My name is Vincent, as I believe Sharon has already told you. I am one of the new volunteers.

Trudy: Right, and you just HAPPENED to be a bit too chatty with my sister.
Vincent: [Taken aback] S-SISTER? Sh-Sharon? I... I didn't know...

Trudy: [Jabbing an accusatory finger into his face] Listen, old timer. She's a married woman, and if her HUSBAND doesn't bust your dusty butt for creeping on her, I will. So keep your distance or I'll keep it for you.

[[Trudy turns to leave, but before she can get very far, Vincent adds softly...]]
Vincent: You... you were always the persistent one, Moonbeam...
[[Trudy immediately stops in her tracks, shocked.]]

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