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[[To Trudy's shock and horror, the new recruit Vincent has just called her by her original given name, "Moonbeam". She steps back in fear and uncertainly, while Vincent continues to look at her with a sad, forlorn expression.]]
Trudy: W-where the $#%@ did you hear THAT name? N-no one would ever know that except for--

[[She stops short, then carefully scrutinizes Vincent's face. We see him from her perspective as she imagines another face beside his. Swap out the push-broom mustache for a thinner, more scraggly one and a scruffy goatee, then darken the hair and lengthen it to past his shoulders, then swap out the Grey-issued jumpsuit for a tie-dyed shirt... Instantly the face becomes more familiar. He is unmistakably Victor Glowerhausen, Trudy's father.]]

[[Trudy stares at him in disbelief.]]
Trudy: D-daddy...?
[["Vincent" gives her a sad but welcome smile.]]

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