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[[Still reeling from the revelation that "Vincent" the Physaric puppet survivor is really her father, Victor Glowerhausen, Trudy struggles to recover her faculties.]]
Trudy: D-Daddy? B-but... how...?
Victor: Is it so inconceivable that your wily old man somehow survived multiple brushes with death? I DID marry your mother, you know...

Victor: [Gesturing toward his head] Besides, a shave, a haircut, and no more hair dye... you of all people know how easy it is to disguise your appearance...
Trudy: B-but Mom said you were--

Victor: Dead? No doubt she took what Colonel Barker told her at face value, or he faked enough "evidence" to make his story believable. He IS rather resourceful...

Trudy: [Looking perplexed] I-I don't know whether to hug you or slug you...
Victor: [Offering her a weak smile] Given the options, I'd prefer the former, but I'll understand if the latter comes to you more naturally.

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