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[[Trudy's father, Victor Glowerhausen, begins to detail how he survived his supposed death and came to be aboard the Grey ship.]]
Victor: After your little visit home all those years ago--and my cover being blown--I kept tabs on both you and your mother, tracking your movements. You never made it easy.

[[This begins a flashback sequence as he continues to narrate.]]
Victor: I lost track of you for a while, but when I heard you had turned yourself in to another agency, I was relieved. I redoubled my efforts to bring your mother to justice.
[[We see Victor in his old "hippie" guise as he peers around a corner. On the other side, we see Trudy in handcuffs being led away by U.G.A. Agents #18 and #12 (Maddie O'Hara).]]

Victor: Her machinations, however, led me to Colonel Barker's little conspiracy. I did my best to uncover his schemes but, alas, I'm afraid I delved too deeply for my own good.
[[We see Victor, now in his "Vincent" guise, as he lies prostrate on the ground as two guards hold him at gunpoint. In the foreground, Lionel Barker scowls at him.]]

Victor: When Barker discovered my presence, he had me "inducted" by his little alien friends. And so I remained his unwitting pawn until your friend Wellington pulled his gambit.
[[Victor is held face down and shirtless as someone off-panel pours something out of an open container onto his neck. It appears to be a Physaric. As Victor struggles, Colonel Barker stands in the background, smiling approvingly.]]

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