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[[Victor Glowerhausen finishes up his story of how he came to be aboard the Grey ship, detailing how he became a Physaric "puppet" after going afoul of Colonel Lionel Barker's schemes.]]
Victor: [Grimly] Once freed from the aliens' control, I decided to lay low and initially observe, at least until I knew what Wellington's plans were. I'm not convinced his intentions are honorable.

Victor: [Softening] While I had heard rumors that your mother was present, I didn't realize YOU were here as well. If I had, I would have come forward sooner. I'm sorry that I waited, Moonbeam.

Trudy: [Scowling] Don't... CALL me that. You KNOW I hate that name. As for your apology... I'm still getting used to the fact that you LIED to me all my life, let alone that you're even still ALIVE.

Victor: [Stretching out his hands in a pleading gesture] Fair enough. I deserve your mistrust. But while you adjust, at least answer this: Is it true? Is that girl Sharon your sister? Is she... is she ALSO my daughter...?
[[Trudy appears surprised by the question.]]

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