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[[Meanwhile, Sharon has left Esther's cell and is now wandering aimlessly down the halls of the Grey ship. As several Grey drones buzz about behind her, she seems lost in her thoughts.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] I feel no closer to understanding my father than before. At least Mom seems to think he would have cared about me... IF he ever knew I existed...

Sharon: [Thinking while narrowing her eyes] It still feels weird thinking of that woman as my mother. Then again, Alice Murphy will ALWAYS be more of a mother to me than SHE ever will...

[[Sharon turns a corner to find Trudy and "Vincent" talking as we saw them in the previous strip. Sharon immediately brightens.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] Hey! There's Trudy... and Vincent! I hope she's not giving him a hard time, especially given the foul mood she was in earlier...

[[Our view flips, with Trudy and "Vincent" in the foreground. As Sharon approaches, Trudy seems annoyed while "Vincent" seems surprised.]]
Sharon: [Smiling while calling out to them] Trudy! Vincent! Wait up!

References: Alice Murphy
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