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[[Sharon catches up to Trudy and "Vincent" (Victor Glowerhausen). As she approaches, Trudy cringes, while "Vincent" gives her a sad, uncertain look. For her part, Sharon is beaming.]]
Sharon: I guess I don't need to introduce you two now! I hope Trudy isn't giving you a hard time, Vincent!

[[Sharon looks expectantly between the two of them, still smiling. Victor turns his sad gaze toward Trudy, whose expression changes to one of mild annoyance. There is no dialog.]]

[[Sharon is beginning to become uncertain as she turns back toward Victor. Now he is starting to look annoyed. Trudy glowers at him. Again, there is no dialog.]]

[[Victor raises his hands and gestures toward Sharon as he shoots Trudy a pointed look. Trudy turns somewhat hostile.]]
Trudy: All right, already! Sheesh!
[[Sharon just looks between the two of them, utterly confused.]]

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