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[[Trudy relents and gestures toward "Vincent".]]
Trudy: Sharon, this man isn't Vincent. His name is Victor Glowerhausen. He's my... he's OUR father.
[[Sharon is shocked by this revelation.]]

[[Victor turns toward Sharon with an apologetic, pleading look.]]
Victor: Sharon, I so deeply apologize for not coming forward sooner. I didn't know Trudy was here, let alone the daughter Esther never told me about. I hope you will forgive this old man...

[[Sharon looks Victor in the eye, her eyes welling up with tears.]]
Sharon: [Stammering] Y-you... you're m-my... my... b-but... h-how...?

[[Then, with abandon, Sharon dives forward, wrapping her arms around Victor as tears stream down her face and a broad smile tugs at her lips. Victor is mildly surprised, but a weak smile creases his face. Even Trudy can't help herself as she lets a small smile escape.]]

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