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[[Sharon has just learned that "Vincent", the kind old man she met earlier, is really Victor Glowerhausen, her father. After a long overdue embrace, he steps back.]]
Victor: I realize my absence from your life for the past several decades can never be forgiven, but I would like to at least try to make up for lost time.
Sharon: [Emphatically] O-of course...

[[Victor turns to his other daughter, Trudy.]]
Victor: And that does not extend to just Sharon. I have much to do to seek your forgiveness as well, Moon... er, T-Trudy. My arms will always be open to you, even if you never accept them.
[[Trudy narrows her eyes, giving him an uncertain look.]]

[[Our view pulls back as we look over Trudy's shoulder. Victor and Sharon open their embrace and each extend an arm toward Trudy, welcoming her into their hug. Wracked with indecision, Trudy hesitates, but it is obvious that she wants to join them.]]

[[Trudy ultimately relents and wraps her arms around her father. Sharon wraps her arms around both Victor and Trudy, then Victor spreads his arms wide to hug them both. For the first time, the father and his two daughters are reunited. Sharon cries tears of joy, while Victor smiles. Unsure of how she feels, Trudy looks to be on the verge of tears herself.]]

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