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[[The scene shifts back to the brig and specifically to Esther Matusevitch's cell. Esther has returned to reading on her tablet, but she seems to have trouble concentrating. She begins to scowl.]]

[[Suddenly, in a burst of frustration, she hurls the tablet across the cell.]]
Esther: GRAH!
[[Outside the cell and out of our view, a voice reacts to her outburst.]]
Voice: My goodness... what did that poor tablet do to earn such ire?

[[Our view pulls back as another person approaches the cell. The stranger's back is to the reader, making it unclear who it is. Esther looks up at the newcomer with annoyance.]]
Esther: None of your business... whoever you are. I've had enough visitors for today.
Newcomer: I think you can spare a little time for just one more...

[[Our view switches as we look over Esther's shoulder, just as recognition sets in. Esther is shocked.]]
Esther: Who the &#$%... V-VICTOR?!?
[[Victor Glowerhausen gives his ex-wife a hopeful smile.]]
Victor: Hello, Essie.

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