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[[Esther Matusevitch is not so pleasantly surprised to find her ex-husband, Victor Glowerhausen, alive and well, standing outside her brig cell.]]
Esther: {Scowling} I'm not even going to ASK how you survived, but I'll assume it's because you're part cockroach.
Victor: [Smiling] Well, I always knew the best ways to BUG you.

Victor: [With a playful jab] Then again, one could blame your taste in men. I understand you and Colonel Barker got along quite nicely, at least at first...
Esther: What do you WANT, Victor?

Victor: [Looking away while turning introspective] Simply to talk. I've hidden in the shadows for far too long, biding my time. Now that I have not one but TWO daughters to catch up with, I don't want to squander any more.
[[Esther's expression softens somewhat.]]

Victor: [Turning back to Esther once more and flashing her a hopeful smile] The same goes for you. I am here to make amends. I'm not looking to rekindle a dead flame, just to smooth over old rough edges. It'll be good karma for both of us.
[[Esther's expression becomes uncertain, but she doesn't appear to be angry with him anymore.]]

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