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[[Ki is in the infirmary for a wellness check with Doctor Granger. Ki sits on the examination table while Granger checks her pulse. Ki is definitely starting to "show" and her pregnant tummy is larger than we last saw it. In the background, Avogadro busies himself with some unspecified task.]]
Granger: So you're having trouble sleeping?
Ki: It's getting harder to find a comfortable position to lie in.

Granger: [Sympathetically] Well, that's to be expected, and I'm afraid it won't get any easier. And it's not a good idea for me to give you anything to help you sleep.
Ki: [Resigned] I know.

Ki: [With a weak smile] On the plus side, we started feeling him kick recently. He's been bouncing around playing drums on my intestines at night.
Granger: I'll bet that's been fun to experience!

Granger: [Slyly, leaning in conspiratorially] Also, you might have let your preferences slip there...
Ki: [Sheepishly] He, she... at this point, I'll take normal, healthy, and only one head.

References: Ki's pregnancy
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