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[[Ki and Doctor Granger continue to discuss her pregnancy.]]
Granger: You know, with all the Greys' scanning equipment, I could tell you the baby's sex fairly easily...
Ki: [Rubbing her tummy] I know. We're still debating on whether to find out.

Granger: [Walking away to adjust some equipment] Understood. Just let me know if and when you're ready. As for everything else, keep doing what you've been doing. Physically, you're both doing just fine.

Granger: [Looking back over her shoulder] How are you feeling emotionally? You seem better than our last talk...
Ki: [Lowering her head] Yes, better, I guess. I still feel like a dead weight, not doing my part.

Granger: [Putting a reassuring hand on Ki's shoulder] You're looking out for our smallest and most important passenger. That's a job you're uniquely suited for, and one only you can accomplish.

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