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[[Ki leaves the infirmary as Dr. Granger and Avogadro confer. As she walks away, Ki seems frustrated.]]
Ki: [Thinking to herself] How the heck am I supposed to "contribute to the search" without doing anything "physically demanding"? I can't even go into the MUTEX chamber anymore!

Ki: [Thinking] It's not like I or anyone else can understand Nick's algorithms. Am I resigned to standing around, passing out cookies and juice to everyone once they come back?

[[A voice calling from off-panel behind her interrupts her thoughts and forces her to turn around.]]
Voice: K-Ki! Oh, Th-there y-you are! W-wait up!

[[Ki easily recognizes the newcomer.]]
Ki: Trish?
Trish: [Smiling] Y-you're j-just the p-person I w-wanted to s-see!

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