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[[As Trish approaches Ki, she seems surprisingly nervous.]]
Trish: [Pleading] I-I r-really n-need your h-help...
Ki: Calm down, Trish! I'll help however I can. What has you in such a tizzy?

Trish: [Looking around suspiciously] W-well, i-it's a b-bit of a s-secret. T-to b-be honest, it's a b-bit em-embarrassing.
Ki: [Turning to leave] Then we'll go somewhere private, like my and Nick's quarters.

Trish: Y-your q-quarters? Wh-what if N-Nick comes b-back?
Ki: Are you kidding? He's tweaking MUTEX code today. He'll drop from exhaustion in a few hours and sleep in the lab.

Trish: A-and y-you're OK w-with th-that?
Ki: [Walking away] I married the living embodiment of the Inventor's Gene. Trust me, I've walked in on worse scenarios...

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