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[[Ki and Trish proceed to Nick and Ki's quarters. The two take a seat opposite each other at a small table.]]
Ki: So what is it you need my help with?
Trish: W-well... I-I d-don't kn-know where to s-start...

Trish: [Timidly] E-ever s-since th-the Earth v-vanished, I-I've b-been keeping a j-journal, ch-chronicling e-everything that's h-happened. A wr-ritten r-record, j-just in c-case.

Trish: At f-first it w-was j-just m-my thoughts, b-but th-then I s-started asking o-others for th-theirs. D-Dex, P-Patty, F-Fooker, and s-so on. I-informal i-interviews, if you w-will.

Trish: I-I'm OK w-when it c-comes to j-jotting down f-facts. I j-just... i-it n-needs some p-polish, s-someone to g-give it e-emotion, f-feeling. I... I-I w-want YOU to h-help me with th-that.
[[Ki is surprised by Trish's request.]]

References: Trish's journal
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