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Ki: [Surprised] Me? Why do you want ME to help you polish up your journal?
Trish: N-not th-the j-journal! I-I w-want you to m-make it a S-STORY w-worthy of r-reading!

Trish: D-Dex l-let me r-read some of his s-stories. H-he k-keeps c-copies on his ph-phone, and h-he's b-been wr-riting in his s-spare time.
Ki: I know. I've read one of them.

Trish: H-He s-said Y-YOU w-were the one who i-inspired h-him to p-pursue his c-creativity. H-he s-said y-you wr-rote a n-novel th-that everyone in th-the office l-loved!
Ki: [Cringing] Er, well...

[[Trish clasps Ki's hands between her own and begins to plead.]]
Trish: P-PLEASE, K-Ki! H-help me t-turn my b-boring old j-journal into a d-document w-worthy of th-the l-last wr-ritten r-record of th-the h-human race...
[[Ki seems overwhelmed by Trish's request.]]

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