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[[Trish has just asked Ki to help turn her fact-filled journal into "a document worthy of the last written record of the human race".]]
Ki: [Waving her hands defensively] OK, OK! I'll give it a shot! I'm not sure I'll do that great of a job, but I'll at least give it a try...
Trish: Oh, th-thank you, K-Ki!

Ki: Still, I don't see why you didn't ask Dex. You've read HIS work; you haven't read MINE. I figured with how... CLOSE you two have become lately...
Trish: [Looking sheepish] Oh... a-about th-that...

Trish: I-I r-really LIKE D-Dex's writing. H-he has a f-fun and e-exciting s-style. I j-just d-don't think it's a g-good f-fit for th-this p-particular project.

Trish: [Brightening] B-besides, Sh-Sharon's read B-BOTH of your w-works and sh-she says y-yours is t-ten t-times B-BETTER than his...
Ki: [Cringing] Heh... she might be a bit biased.

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