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[[Ki has agreed to help Trish polish her journal of the "survivors'" experiences into a "document worthy of the last written record of the human race".]]
Ki: Well, if I'm going to do this, I'll need to read over what you already have...
Trish: [Reaching behind her] W-way a-ahead of you! Th-this t-tablet has it all!

Trish: [Handing the tablet to Ki] I-I o-organized it so you c-can see the j-journal e-entries f-first. Th-then I a-attached the i-interviews as n-notes, s-sorted by d-date and e-event.

Trish: I th-thought keeping e-everything together w-would m-make it e-easer to f-find. And I c-cross-r-referenced everything I c-could.
Ki: [Perusing the tablet while raising her eyebrows] You certainly are thorough...

Ki: OK, give me some time to read over this, then we can talk about how to turn this into a cohesive narrative.
Trish: [Beaming while standing to leave] Th-thanks, K-Ki!

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