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[[After Trish leaves, Ki settles in with the data tablet to read Trish's journal.]]
Trish: [Narrating via the journal] It occurred to me, long after I started writing this journal, that perhaps I should give it an introduction. Otherwise, none of what you are about to read would make much sense.

[[For the rest of the strip, we follow Trish as she walks through the Grey ship as Ki continues to read from the journal.]]
Trish: [Narrating] My name is Patricia Marshall, although my friends and colleagues call me Trish. I am a business analyst formerly employed by GPF Software, a small development studio.
[[Trish passes Lieutenant Stewart Johnson and Gabrielle in the hall. They exchange friendly waves and smiles.]]

Trish: [Narrating] I am admittedly no one special. I am a timid introvert with a stuttering problem who dabbles in costuming and theater, and I tend to slink into the background to avoid being noticed.
[[In the background, Trish passes an open doorway. In the foreground, we see Fooker and Trudy apparently having an argument. Sharon is nearby, rolling her eyes at the both of them. Trish continues on with a worried expression.]]

Trish: [Narrating] That said, either by fate or by chance, I am one of the last remaining humans in this universe, destined to embark on our species' greatest and most daring adventure.
[[Trish approaches a view port to the exterior of the ship. Outside, the crescent Moon fills the view. In the background, a passing Grey gives her a curious look.]]

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